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blindchick's Journal
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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
4:02 pm
Ah. So the top news from Aberdeen that I am willing to share with you, is that MAYBE I can go to Belgium with my french-speaking friends, Celine and Martine. But I'm not sure what Dad has said. And, I am actually pissed at the guys of this planet, since I found out that the boy I liked so much has a girlfriend, but I was so convinced and even confident enough to believe that he was interested in me, though I now have many doubts as to what kind of interest he had in me, if any at all. Grrr. Stupid asshole. Ah... I'm so hopeless. I feel like Bridgite Jones III, except I have no hopes for a Mr. Darsy. On the other hand, I must confess that Whaoo! I feel so good today, despite the ugly weather and all the rain, or the fact that the swimming pool was pact--of all days--when I really needed it, since I hadn't been able to go on Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday. Ya. I'm trying to go to swim everyday, since I looove swimming and I'm hoping that it'll help me get in better shape. But ya. I feel so happy like I can listen to what people'll say, and make any of their comments into the lyrics of a song! Haha. It's probably because I finally finished my last essay for one of my classes, and because I'm wearing the only L size thong in Japan that I sucessfully fished out of a langerie cart in Hiraki after ten minutes worth of hide-and-seek. Man, I feel so very liberated! Hiyaou! Lol. So ya. My day has been relatively fun and I have decided to equilibrilize my 30minutes worth of workout in the pool, by indulging myself with four lovely, sugar-coated donuts, two of which are jelly-filled. Ohhh my!! The good and the evil out of it was that they were free. Grrrrrr. and I'm pissing off right now, because there are two stupid boys slamming each other and grabbing each other's testicles, calling each other names. It's just like Middleschool. A lame and sad sight. Anyhow, I'm listening to Only HOPE by Mandy More, and it's so nice to be able to sit alone and write like there's no tomorrow, so Ready or not, Christine, and anymore of you voracious readers with an intellectual appetite of a horse, I'm going to spew my heart out, so hear me out, sisters!
Starting with March and Spring Break:
It was the most awful "break" of my life. I took this Spanish girl called Esther home with me, and it was the most biggest mistake in my whole entire life--thus far. I really think she has MPD or some form of Mental incapacity to comprehend the world that exists outside of her brain, but I was so suprised, and so was my mother, both of us who were speechless by her immature and abnormal behaviors. So first, we got to Japan, and from day one, she was ready to go places, and would come and wake me up everyday,saying things like, it's already 8am, and stuff. Then, she would always want to go somewhere, but she keeps telling me that she doesn't want to use any of her money, because she wants to save it for the fun in Aberdeen, and because she doesn't want to bother her father by asking him for it. And all she wanted to do was use my computer and internet ALL the time. Seriously, that was all she ever did when we were at home. She would make a mess everywhere, and would not clean up after herself too. For example, I would have to clean the shit that she didn't scrape off in the toilet, and put her dirty laundry in the laundry basket, and put all the food back in the fridge, and make sure to turn off all the lights after she left the rooms. WHat's more, she didn't offer to help with anything at all. I did all the cooking, and all she did was come and sit and eat, not talk at all. Not listen to me or my mom's questions at all, and get up and leave after she ate, without even putting the dish back in the sink. I mean, ok. I'm not expecting her to thank me for everything and kiss my arse, but these are just common sensical things that a 25 years old woman should know and be able to do. I felt like I was a servant and was babysitting for a big baby all the time. But you know. These things are NOTHING compared to the way she cried like a baby, or the nasty comments that she made to me and my mother, which are just unacceptable and unforgiveable. So, afer like three days, my mom and I were getting worried, since internet is very expensive in Japan, and I wasn't sure how much the bill would be at my house, since we have no contracts, but we were getting the connection from my wireless card the whole time. Anyhoo, so I told Esther that she can't use the internet everyday to chat and stuff, but that she could use it once in a while, to check important mails and stuff. Then she started to cry and blubber like a baby. So I asked her what was wrong, or if she wanted to go home to Spain, and she pretty much told me that she was going through culture shock, and that she was so shocked that everyone here was Japanese. ?!?!? I mean, hello. I understand and sympathize that you're going through so much, but I would think to expect people to be Belge and French or dutch speakers, if I go to Belgium. So that kind of threw me off. It was a very sad beginning. Then, durng the couse of three weeks, I saw her cry at least 3 more times. The second time was when she cried because she and I dropped her her camera as she was handing it to me. And her reaction was just unbelievable. She was howling like Benji in The Sound and the Fury, and then she was trying to fix the camera like some hungry yahoo, tearing and tugging on his prey. It was such a disturbing sight. I found it to be so disturbing because her camera still worked, but the lid that closes the battery wouldn't close properly, and so she kept asking me all the time if we can go to a camera store to get it fixed, and whether or not they can fix it. And I'm so sorry, but I'll have to continue the rest of the story later, because I'm so tired even just to think of her. I'll be back later. ...:(
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
12:17 pm
Girl's Day
Yes ladies. It is March third, and in Japan, it is Girls' day. So THIS is our day, chicas, and NOTHING can ruin it. Oh no. NOT even the most boring professors on the face of this planet, or the father that ignores you as if you were an evaporation of some festering victual, or the 20minutes fire alarm drill that leaves your toes frozen, or the anattainable plane ticket that you've been trying to book for about a week, whose price keeps fluctuating upwards every minute while you wait for your stupid credit card to be processed, hoping to God that you will be able to get the tickets, or being the random target for some asshole who wants to throw a dirty snowball at you, or having to forfeit to your moody computer that decides to deny you internet access when you really need it, or the fact that I accidentally deleted this journal two times--I don't know how, or not knowing how much weight you've gained in over a month, or the pestulent guy that uses you as an excuse to boost his ego, lecturing you about literature and the works of Sir Walter Scott and how mother earth rotates every 4minutes and changes the positioning of the stars, and how he reads three books a day for pleasure! Who fucking cares? Or is this the classic pick-up line in the U.K.!? At first I thought that he wanted to get to know me, and Walter Scott was the excuse for talking to me, but it turned out to be that he just wanted me to listen to his all-knowing, over-zealous, pigheaded brain, and I was the excuse to talk about books. Wonderful! He talked for about an hour and the whole time, he never asked me a single question. WOW! Cheers, and goodbye! And the best part is that I didn't understand half the shit that he mentioned during OUR "conversation." Lol. He is phenomenal, yet extremely dull! But even THAT, can't spoil my day, oh no. I don't give a rat's ass. Not even the fact that our crazy soliloquous professor never showed up to class in the morning for two days straight, without any e-mails or forehand notice of his abscence, can upset me now. Actually, it's kind of nice, since I haven't read the book yet. But I must admit that I am just a teensy-winsy bit frustrated because the past two days have been quite rancid, actually, the week as a whole, and nothing has been going my way. Don't get me wrong, I like it here, but I think it's been one of those days where it doesn't matter what you do, because noting will go right. All I want to do is dig my teeth into a BIG head of lettuce like some ravenous wolf that feasts on meat, and shred every leaf of it like a papershredder. Argh. Yes, that Swiftian Yahoo in me is welling up. Aooooooooo~! Lol. Well, I do have hope though. I'm actually hoping that Saturday is the first day of the week in Scotland, because then, it'll be a new week--a better week, and I'll be going on a trip to St. Andrews, a city south of Aberdeen, to look at cathedrals and war monuments, with some of my friends :) Hm. I'm hungry. Maybe i'll go and eat some pizza. How can it not make me happy, right? But before I depart, you guys have to tell me. How are YOU doing? If you've read this, mabye you can leave me with a short note or an e-mail about how your day sucked too?? All for ME, me, me, me? I always feel that way when I write my journals. Hehehehe. But I guess it's mine afterall. Ok. Enough for now. Ciao
Monday, February 28th, 2005
11:44 am
A Week with Dante: The Inferno Aaooooooooooo~!
So, I'm finally updating my journal, yay! ...I have so much I want to write about, but I'm so tired and sleep-deprived and this is hell week too. So I decided to solve the immediate problem in hand by procrastinating! Yaaay! Heheheh. I guess the biggest news for the week is that I have a friend here who is coming home with me to Japan for Spring Break! She is actually from Spain, and she and I have been taking the same classes and hanging out quite often, so I'm pretty excited. She was actually thinking about staying here alone for Spring Break, so I was like, "No. You can't do that. You should so come home with me!" And as crazy as this muchacha is, she was like, "Okay." Lol. So we did some last minute research for cheap tickets online. Lol. We actually googled it, typing "Cheap tickets to Japan" and even including "300lbs" in our original and specified serach. Unfortunately, we couldn't find one that was so cheap, but we found two for about 500lbs, so now we're in the process of asking our loving fathers to pay for them. Hehe. Oh. Random moment. I also met, if met is the right word to use. Perhaps found? Anyhow, I found one of my precious childhood mates (by the way, mate as in British mates. Aka: friends)on-line on thefacebook! Such joy was in my heart that I cannot describe in words but tears! It was such a pleasant surprise too! She was one of the only girls that befriended me and Maryann in Tokyo at this jailhouse, or rather, a private ALL GIRLS--or CATS i should say--school that I forcefully attended for three months during my refuge at my father's place from the Great Hanshin Earthquake.... Anyhow, It was just a happy moment where that sentimentally unsatisfactory curiousity of "I wonder how so and so is doing...," was finally answered! But alas, shit always happens to make up for the good, and thus, I will recount of my past two weeks in vain, starting with Valentine's day.
Okay, so I know about two weeks have passed since this day for happy couples and big red hearts and that all single women want to just grab a knife and stab, but if you think that your Valentine's day was sad, I must ask you to reconsider, for NO One's Valentine could have been as bad as my flatmate Sari's. I used to think that being single is bad enough for Valentine's Day, but now I KNOW it's not the worst shit that can happen after the night of February the fourteenth, two thousand and four; eight forty pm. That was exactly when Sari had accidentally mutilated her finger. Almost chopped it off with her newly bought knife. And for what? All for a stinking boyfriend. Lol. I really shouldn't be laughing, but it was such a horrible day for us--especially for Sari, that we couldn't stop laughing after the whole deal. Anyhow. So, earlier that day, I had given Sari a chocolate for Valentine's day. Then, her boyfriend also gave her some chocolates. Awwww. Ya. Cute. But this was only the beginning of the cold, dark, and bloody night that we were about to possess without consent. Anyhow, Sari felt selfish for not getting us anything, especially for her loverboy. So I suggested we make some chocolatechip--haha--more like chocolateCHOP*** cookies. Lol. So we went to the campus 'stop and rob,' and got some sugar, flour, and a chocolate bar. Then, we went to the Hotspot, where we got a recipe over the internet, went back to the dorms, ate dinner, and were both jolly and merry and talking about how it was going to be our first real baking night, blagh blagh blagh,.... So, we decided to split up the recipe and carry out the task, so that it'll save us some time, and so I told Sari to chop up the chocolate bar into pieces. THIS was the beginnig of the horror of the eve. For it all began when I heard a loud and angry "FUCK! FUCK, fuck, Fuck, fuck!" from Sari. So I'm like SHIT! and I look at her, and yes, her right thumb is covered in blood. I used to think that I'm a strong person, but when I saw her thumb almost split in two, I must admit, my eyes became watery and I almost wanted to faint. Poor thing, and SHE was the one who was bleeding. She soon told me that she's feeling dizzy and that she was concerned that the cut was deep, estimating it to be about 2/3rds of the way through the big Daddy, so I began to panick and get towels and look for ER phone#s. Then I finally got a hold of someone at the front desk and they sent us three staff members, two of whom were trained and liscensed first aiders. But when the first woman came to our dorms, she was like, "There's another woman coming and she's a licensed first aider...." but when the other one got here, she came empty handed. Her excuse was that "there is a man coming with a first aid box." However, when THE man came to our dorms, not only was he NOT certified to be a licensed first aider, but he didn't have a first aid kit either. All he had was a cheapie medicine box. Still, Sari's finger looked so bloody and painful that we just decided to take a cab to the hospital, so I asked them to help me order a cab, but these people wouldn't help me at all! They just sat and watched as if this were some circus freak show, and here I was, running around like a fucking chicken with its head cut off, trying to dial the right amount of digits to catch a stinkin cab. So, we finally got to the A&E= Accident and Emergency, but since the U.K. is very underdeveloped in some ways, we had to stay there for three hours until the dr. finally bandaged her finger up. So thus far, her finger has lived, though she may lose some of her senses at the tip of her thumb. But the poor girl has a HUGE bandaged thumb, another visit to the dr.'s in a week, (which turned out to be a waste of time for us) and no cookies at all. I felt so bad that after she saw the dr., I asked her if I could get here something to drink/eat from the vending machine. She said that she could go and get it herself though, and to told me to stay and wait for the cab that we called for on the way back, just in case it came while she was grabbing munchies, so i said ok, and let her go. But after a few minutes, Sari came back empty-handed with a semi-pouty, forfeiting look. I asked her what happened, and she told me that she had put in a pound into the Pepsi vending machine, only to realize right after she had put money inside, that there was a huge ヨUT OF ORDER sign on it. So she tried to retrieve her pound, but it was too late, and she said she felt stupid, b/c the other people in the waiting room--where the vending machines were--were all looking at her like, "poor girl..." Lol. Poor thing. So I felt even worse for her. When we got back to our dorm, Sari had a smoke AND beer, but she was still feeling bad, so I told her that I would like to buy her a drink. So we decieded to go to the Waterloo, a bar in the basement of the main building at Aberdeen University, only to find out that it had just closed, when we got there. YA. How much worse can it get? Poor Sari. It was just one hell of a day, where nothing we tried to do worked, that we had to laugh out loud, and Laugh we did. I, for not getting my planned 250pages of reading and the chocolate chip cookies done, and Sari for ALL of the above that had happened to her, all in one single day. All she could say was "Happy Valentine's!" and "Fuck!" Anyhow, before I update my club night hazard, I better go write my paper, since I thought that it was going to be like this little exercise, but it's actully supposed to be like 4 pages long!
Sunday, February 6th, 2005
4:53 pm
OH my holy mama!
Hey again, all! Friday was another busy day where I finally got to sit down and reflect upon my trip to Scotland, and actually try to convince myself that I am in another country! It's such a strangely pleasant feeling that I still can't get over it! I have sooo much I want to tell you that I don't know where to start.... I feel like a chalice that is full of water that is overflowing out of me, and I don't know how or where to stop when I write! It's such an enchanting feeling being in such an old city that I almost feel like a superstar or something. It's such a selfish thing to say, but I feel like I'm the center of the universe or something, and NO, I'm not high or bitchy. Never was, and never will be. Hehehe. Anyhow, life is wonderful on this part of the planet and I want to cry because they are playing one of my FAVORITE songs--shit it ended. Oh well, they WERE playing my song though. Anyhow, I like it up here so far. Aberdeen is such a tranquil and graceful place during the day, especially near the beach, and there are parts of it that I love moreso than others. The buildings here are beauteous, and the weather has actually been very nice this year, according to Aberdonians who I've met and have talked to. I was surprised though, when I got off the plane at Edinburgh, because all I saw were patches of green grass, not snow, and buildings composed of those old cobblestones, each one with a different kind of color and shape. They were all so very beautiful that I almost felt like a princess being carried away into my chambers on a charriot, when in real life, I was just another passenger on a double-decker bus, ridiculously wrapped up in many layers of clothing, consisting of my pink jacket, black sweater, and two shirts, under which I was sweating like a pig, and trying to hold onto my big blue bullet-proof suitcase that was as heavy as a baby horse, not to mention my rooksack and black dufflebag, which were also full of shit. And guess what, when I got to Jury's Inn, (the hotel that all Arcadia program students were supposed to go to,) I was totally surprised to hear my Arcadia host tell me that I had packed light in comparison to other folks who had studied abroad in the past. I have come to realize that she was right, once I reached Aberdeen and the days have gone by in which I've lost so many pounds just trying to buy basic supplies like a nailclipper, paper, forks and knives, tissue paper, a voltage converter for the outlets/plugs, a wireless card, etc. Ya, the outlets here are actually very oddly shaped. They have three holes like the ones in the U.S., but the holes are all rectangular, and more widely spaced apart from each other. the middle hole is actually a big vertical rectangle, and on the lower left and right sides, are two smaller sized horizontal rectangles. Something that I'm not used to seeing. I actually had to borrow a converter from Trevor because mine was so hard to plug my cords into, that I thought they were broken, but in the process, I actually blew out my alarm clock for good, which means that it's nothing but a peice of crud now. Sad. I really liked that one. Lol. So I was stressed out for two days, trying to find someone in my flat who could wake me up in the morning,-I miss you Mel and Lisa!-- but now I got a new one which I absolutely HATE, but am getting accustomed to. It doesn't ring as loud as my old baby and it looks cheaper than the ones you see in a condo, but it was the cheapest that I could find, (and I was very lucky to find it too). It was like 2.99 Pounds, which is like 6 bucks, and the prices here aren't that different from Japan, but I just can't get over it. Some things are actually cheaper here than back home, but some are more expensive. For example, a can of coke here costs 50~60penses. More like 50 or so, which is basically about a dollar, so in that case Japan is more expensive--120yen~150yen. Contact solutions are very expensive here too. I don't understand!! The reglar size Bouche and Lomb bottle was like 8lbs! Roughly 16dollars! So some things are wide-eye poppers, if not mouth openers. So, things are fairly expensive here, which is kind of sad, but I am also learning a lot about how different parts of the world operate differently, and it's absolutely fascinating. For example, when I bought the alarm clock, I had to cataloge order it in the actual store. I've only been to two, but I think that's the way it works around here. There are thick books that resemble telephone books, except that they are cataloges with pictures of the items you wanna purchase, and once you find what you want, you write it's code number on a peice of paper, and you hand it in to the cashier as you pay them. Then, they give you your receipt with a number, and you sit around and wait until the workers behind another counter call your numbers. It kind of reminds me of the bank in Japan, or Mr. Bean's hospital trip episode, where he has his hand stuck in a kettle. Lol. I love Bean! There are an amazing amount of fat seagulls around the campus, and they remind me of the ditzy one in Disney's Little Mermaid. The People here are very friendly and helpful that I'm so impressed and I feel very much a part of the social, all-embracing network at the same time. I don't think I've ever been in a city where I felt so loved. I feel like I'm a big baby getting lost everywhere with several maps in my hand, and maybe that's why people have been so kind, but either way, I feel very welcomed. However, one thing I don't really like about Scotland in general is that it gets so dark so quickly. It's usually dark by 3 or 4pm, depending on the weather and how cloudy or drizzly it is. I think it's due to the weather, but stores and shops close as early as 5pm!! Even the malls close at 6 on weekdays and at 5 on weekends! How sad! After that, there ain't nothin' but the pubs. :( I mean, the pubs are fun to hang out in and talk/drink, but I can only take so much of it, and the bottom line is, the drinks are pricey, especially with the dollar value now, they don't have those daiquiri types of drinks I want, and I just don't want to spend my money on alcohol, which I already produce a fair amount of in my body anywasy! I actually did ask the serveuse behind the counter if they had any cocktail drinks or daiquiris, but I was shamefully laughed at, and felt very ridiculous for even asking. Of course, all they have is beer, beer, whisky, beer, vodka, and shots. Blagh, blagh, blagh... Anyhow, Rebecca has actually come to visit me and Trevor this weekend, and we had so much fun together! ^_^ yay! We made very scrrrrrumptious curry named Tikka Masala, a creamy and somewhat sweet&spicy sauce and ate it with some Basmati rice. Uuuuum :) We also went for a picnic on the beach, which was absolutely amazing, and we watched the Butterfly Effect, which I now claim as one of my favorite movies. That and Tomasina too! Meow~ Anyhow, our weekend was quite pleasant, and funfilled--except for this one drunken bastard who grabbed my butt, right after he passed by me.>_< Coward! I really wanted to go and smack him in the head. No face, or even better, yank his winky off, and scream into his face that this peice of flesh does not belong to him, but to ME, Tina N. Shane, and only myself--that this butcheek IS, WAS, and ALWAYS WILL BE the property of Tina S., so he better think again before he lays a pinki on this peice of ass..., but unfortunately, there were about five or six of them--all guys, and three of us, with Trevor being the only guy around, so I forfeited. Ya. I'm not sure I really appreciate the night life here in Aberdeen. Moreover, it's more of the pack of guys that I depreciate. Like this wasn't the first incident too. Like on my way up to Aberdeen from Edinburgh, I was riding in a twinky bus with four other students who also came through the Arcadia program, and I decided to sit in the front part of the bus, a little distanced from the other four, to look out of the windows and enjoy the scenery. So, I was sitting about seven rows behind the driver and one row ahead of one of the two other girls, and I was sitting up straight and leaning against the back part of the seat in front of mine, when a double-deckered bus passed right by it with about four or five assholes on the top deck, all banging on the windows and presenting me with the whole demonstration on how to give a blow job by opening their mouths and rolling their tongues againt their cheeks, etc. It all happend right as they passed by that I couldn't even flash them my finger! I was appalled, or repulsed should be the correct term, but somehow, it was sooo stupid that I had to laugh. Anyhow, that was one moment when I felt a little vulnerable and kind of defeated due to the lack of time in responding to their extremely unneccessary presentation. Yet, as hopeful as I am, I'm sure there are a bunch of higher quality Scots and Brits for gals like me and Reba out there. :) The problem is how to get to them. I wish I knew. But I did see a few descent-looking guys in my class. Did I mention how I only have two classes this semseter? It's fabulous, and I've already spotted a hottie too, who is so beautiful like a model that I'm sure all the girls on campus adore him as well. For the love of Christ, he is in one of my English classes that is three hours long, so if I ever get bored, I'll always have something pleasant to look at. Lol. Actually, NO. Firstly, because I deny it. Secondly, because I have such a hard time understanding my Socttish professor's accent, that I have to give him my whole undivided attention, which consists of staring at him in order to lipsink what is popping out of his mouth in point .04seconds per mile, which makes me feel like a creepy stalker. AND Thirdly, because I'm disciplining myself to not look at guys with looks. It's kind of hard, but it just seems so unjust and it could be disappointing if he's a rotten squash too. This one I forementioned above actually dresses like a model too. He has blond hair and very pretty blue eyes, but he seems too fancy-ish and decked up...kind of like one of those guys who KNOW that they're hot. But he's an English major too, so he can't be that bad! Lol. SO, here I go again.... Anyhow, switching topics, I've gotten to know more American students than the Scottish ones, which is kind of sad... but I've met several Scottish and French students who I exchanged phone numbers with, and they have been very kind to me. Several other girls actually walked me to one of my classes that I was trying to find, and one of them even gave me her phone number, so that I can call her and hang out with her and her friends. How nice! And two french gals in my class invited me to travel to Paris with them for a weekend, so I am definitely leaning towards going! I am so proud of myself too, because I actually understood what they were saying in french, and thus felt a moment of victory and acheivement as a French student. Yay, Go me! In fact,one of the things that I looove about Aberdeen is that there are an amazing number of international students here! My own flat actually consists of all out-of-Aberdeen students, except for one girl who is local. There's me from Japan/the U.S., a girl from Geneva, a girl from Finland, and a girl from Wales. They are all pretty nice, especially the one from Wales, though she could be oddly moody sometimes. Her name is Hannah, and she even offered to take me home with her for Easter/spring break on the first day I met her. Can you believe that?! I mean, maybe she just said it to be polite, but it's still something very pleasant to hear! My flat is actually one of the nicer ones and bigger too, apparently from what I've heard about it. It is three stories high, there's no elevator, and guess which floor i'm on? YES! The 3rd floor. Livin' high, eh. lol. (It's like North part 2, except not.) It's a five person floor where I'm at, and my room is as shitty as it sounds. It's much smaller than Maryann's room at home. It's wooden with one white sink like the ones you'll see around dirty public toilets in Japan, there's one wood closet, one window in the corner, one bed with a cheapie comforter that has the texture of those pillows on the airplanes, (it's actually the same material and cover for both my pillow and my comforter, but it keeps me warm enough,) and a very dim orangish brown light in the room. I feel kind of clostraphobic, since the ceilings are lower, and because it's dark in the room due to the closet near the window that inconveniently blocks the very little incoming sunlight that I receive. Ya, when I first got there, it looked so shittty like those 2DK apartments and Company-owned apartments in Japan that I cringed at first sight. Then, when I got inside and saw my room, I stood there in shock with my mouth hanging open, like Jim Carry's from the Mask. However, I did feel much better to find out that I am situated in one of the nicest dorms on campus--hahaaan! So that boosted my happiness gland, and I'm now pretty much settled in, and am starting to adore my room as I have added some candles, pretty fabrics, and pictures to the walls that enclose me in this little cell of mine. As for transportation, people here ride cars like in the States too, but the public transportation is so helpful and accessible here. For examlple, on campus, there is a bus station that leaves from Hillheads, where I and a bunch of other study abroad students, as well as freshmen Aberdeen students live. The bus comes every 15min, and I bought a bus pass, so I take the bus to school and to downtown for shopping as well. The bus pass cost a lot, 30lb! But I figured that since it's the first month and I'll be looking for things to buy at different places, it wouldn't hurt to use the bus. After this month though, I think I'll just walk, since the campus where all the classes are is only 25minutes away from where I live. It's quite a walk, but we walk through a park, and right by a beautiful gothic church with a semi-courtyard full of gravestones, that I don't think I would get sick of it at all. As a matter of fact, Aberdeen is one of the four oldest ones in Soctland. So I don't have internet access in the dorms and I do share a community phone with my faltmats, but I guess that's the price you pay for something so magnificiently beautiful, and it's DEFINITELY worth it. Ok. HW awaits moi, thus, must I leave. Adieu mi amigos! Peace out.
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